My Time on the Plot

My Time on the Plot.


About gaynorthepainter

I have 3 allotments and I keep 9 chickens (my girls) I love to potter about and growing veggies. I try to keep away from the fruit and veg department in the supermarket but I have to buy the odd thing in Winter for my girls as there's no annual weeds. I have 3 grown up children and 4 grandchildren. My youngest son helps me do the heavy jobs and maintenance on my plots. My eldest son dislikes gardening of any type so he helps me financially when I need help, ie he bought my chicken wire so my youngest son could build my coop and run and what a great job he made of it. My girls have a mansion not a coop. I like to experiment with unusual veggies and veggies you cant buy in the supermarket. I even grow veggies I dont eat myself like swede and broad beans because someone else will eat them. I just love growing veg its more exciting than growing flowers although I do grow cut flowers for the house and to attract the helpful insects. I try not to use any chemicals so I have a pond to attract frogs and toads.
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