What a wet April so far, my girls are hating this weather because I cant let them out in the run. Chickens dont have the same water resistant feathers that ducks have so I dont want them getting to wet Bless them. Its a good job I have a large home made coop and not a small one or they would be so bored. I was getting a bit worried about having to keep them indoors just incase they stopped laying, or worse still started fighting, but all seems calm and I am still getting eggs. Image

I am finding myself on the plot and in the potting shed all the time so that in between showers they can come out and then when it rains again they go back in. This time in the potting shed it getting some jobs done that I wouldn’t normally have time to do, so I suppose that’s some consolation.

The greenhouse is chocker block with plants now just waiting to be put outside when the weather gets a little better, also plants waiting to be put in once the frosts have passed. 

The slugs are having a field day in this wet weather and they have eaten 9 of my brussel spout plants, these were quite large plants when I put them out because I had been potting them on until I thought they were out of danger from the slugs but I was wrong. I protected them from the pigeons with enviromesh but I forgot to protect incase of slugs, it just goes to show they dont just eat the smaller plants. I will be more careful when the rest of the brassicas go out. 

I noticed today that my Kestrel potatoes are just starting to break through the soil and its to muddy to do anything about that at the moment, I would have liked to cover them because I lost allot last year with the late frost we got. You usually dont lose them they are really just knocked back maybe killing off the shoot that has been frosted, but usually another shoot will come up and take over, but for some reason mine didnt come back up and I lost allot. I think it maybe because I rub off sprouting shoots just leaving one strong shoot, but this year I have left more than one on just incase that was the reason I lost so many last year.

I am adding some of my girls pictures on here so you can see them, I wouldn’t be without them now, they are so funny and very naughty sometimes.Image







They are all different colours and lay a wide variety of coloured eggs, and although they are fed all the same food as each other, pellets, greens etc they all have a varying coloured yolk, they can range from a lightish yellow to a orangy colour and it doesnt seem to matter what the shell colour is, they just vary.

I am preying the weather brightens up soon because I hate keeping them indoors, I dont like getting wet so I’m sure they wouldn’t like t be to wet.


About gaynorthepainter

I have 3 allotments and I keep 9 chickens (my girls) I love to potter about and growing veggies. I try to keep away from the fruit and veg department in the supermarket but I have to buy the odd thing in Winter for my girls as there's no annual weeds. I have 3 grown up children and 4 grandchildren. My youngest son helps me do the heavy jobs and maintenance on my plots. My eldest son dislikes gardening of any type so he helps me financially when I need help, ie he bought my chicken wire so my youngest son could build my coop and run and what a great job he made of it. My girls have a mansion not a coop. I like to experiment with unusual veggies and veggies you cant buy in the supermarket. I even grow veggies I dont eat myself like swede and broad beans because someone else will eat them. I just love growing veg its more exciting than growing flowers although I do grow cut flowers for the house and to attract the helpful insects. I try not to use any chemicals so I have a pond to attract frogs and toads.
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2 Responses to A WET APRIL

  1. I hadn’t realised chickens didn’t like the rain / their feathers can’t cope with it, but now I think about it, it makes complete sense. Lovely to see their photos 🙂

    • They get very wet and this can give them a cold just like us really. They would stay out in it if I let them but then they would stay damp all night and that wouldnt be good for them. I wish their feathers were more like ducks but there not. I dont know how the wild chickens get on in the rain, I suppose they are used to it and have adapted somehow.

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