Can anybody see an end to all this rain that we are getting because I cant. I got up early this morning and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining, it put a bounce in my step and it made me feel quite happy inside.

I got ready to go to my allotments and it started to drizzle and my heart sank, buy the time I got to the allotment it was getting heavier it was almost like I had stepped into another time zone, one which I was really getting fed up with. It was like having 2 days rolled into one and this was in a couple of hours. The carpark of the allotments were packed with cars and within half an hour it was empty and I was the only person over there.

My poor girls they hate being shut inside and let me know their disgust, they were making all sorts of growling noises they really are fed up, but probably not as fed up as me,  in between downpours i took a look around and the weeds are going mad especially the marestail which is growing almost infront of my eyes and I cant use this because its poisonous to my girls so they cant eat it. Their favourite weed is the sticky weed that clings to your cloths – I cant think what the name of it is off hand. I cant do any weeding because the ground is far to wet so I am just making mud pies, and I daren’t stand on the beds I would ruin the structure of them but with all this rain the nutrients have probably disappeared anyway so I will have to add more compost before I plant anything, but when that will be I dont know. How many other gardeners are as fed up as me, let me know what you are doing, are you sowing seeds inside for instance and if so whats on the go at the moment.


About gaynorthepainter

I have 3 allotments and I keep 9 chickens (my girls) I love to potter about and growing veggies. I try to keep away from the fruit and veg department in the supermarket but I have to buy the odd thing in Winter for my girls as there's no annual weeds. I have 3 grown up children and 4 grandchildren. My youngest son helps me do the heavy jobs and maintenance on my plots. My eldest son dislikes gardening of any type so he helps me financially when I need help, ie he bought my chicken wire so my youngest son could build my coop and run and what a great job he made of it. My girls have a mansion not a coop. I like to experiment with unusual veggies and veggies you cant buy in the supermarket. I even grow veggies I dont eat myself like swede and broad beans because someone else will eat them. I just love growing veg its more exciting than growing flowers although I do grow cut flowers for the house and to attract the helpful insects. I try not to use any chemicals so I have a pond to attract frogs and toads.
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3 Responses to STILL RAINING

  1. Karen says:

    I live in New Hampshire and we are having the same weather. One day of sun in the last two weeks and more come. Let’s hope the weather improves so we can get back to gardening.

  2. And now I’ve forgotten the name of the sticky weed too!! arrgggh. It’s got cold again here, at least it has stopped raining!

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