My Time on the Plot

I am new to blogging so you have to bear with me. I have 3 allotment plots but never seem to have enough space for growing everything I want to grow. I really cant understand how people can grow everything on just 1 plot.

Last year I had the best crop of potatoes in all the 6yrs I’ve have had my allotment. In previous years I’ve had hardly anything I could eat, they usually get eaten by the keel slug after being attacked by the wireworm. An old guy next to my plot told me he only grew red potatoes as they are usually left alone so this is what I tried last year and I was very happy with what happened. Whereas on previous years I was lucky to get 8 percent of anything I could actually eat – they were hole ridden and black. This year I got a good 98 percent that were edible. The only thing with growing red potatoes is they dont make a good chip you really need whites.

A friend of mine gave me some seedlings of onions right at the start of spring, I had never grown onions this way before so I thought I would give them a try and I will definitely do it this way again. At harvest time they were giants the largest onions I have ever grown. I usually grow them by sets in the autumn and they are really pitiful when the tops die off and are ready to be lifted. I have grown them again by sets this time but they will be ok to use throughout the year or for a few months anyway, until my other onions are ready. I am still using last years giant onions Vento I think they were. I have started off my seedings of Ailsa Creig and I’m going to have a bash at growing these.

I started growing these last year, I had them growing in my greenhouse on one of my plots and they were coming along loverly but just before christmas some wicked people stole my greenhouse and smashed up my seedlings and my fig tree that was in there. I was gutted and very very angry. The police dont seem to be interested in catching them. I blame the scrapyards because if these thieves didnt have anywhere to sell there stolen goods then they wouldnt bother steeling in the first place.

I have 9 chickens that I love to death, I never wanted chickens but my 2 sons managed to talk me round (as they usually do) and now I wouldnt be without them. They are so funny and each have their own charactors. The eggs are a bonus and I get loads or go months without any but as long as they are healthy I dont care. They are spoilt rotten I give them all the vitamins they need and they are cleaned every day and I put diatom in their sand so they are free from any parasites. They are wormed twice a year.

There are thieves going around stealing chickens and I would be devastated if mine were stolen. These people dont realise that these birds are not for eating they are egg layers and have no meat on them.  They look the same as meat birds but are treated and fed differently from laying birds. If you were to pick up a laying bird they are very skinny, there is no meat on them.  A meat bird only lives to be around 18weeks old before they are ready for the table ( I cant bear the thought of mine being murdered for nothing, or being murdered in the first place). My girls are very special to me but they are keeping me from my work. Since I’ve had my girls I have slackened off on the tidying up front because I find myself watching them instead.

I am giving oca another go this year. Last year I planted some of these and I had a very disappointing crop. They were smaller than a pea but I think I might have dug them up to early, but I didnt dig them up until January although we have had a mild autumn and winter so far.  We still havent had a bad frost so really they could still be in the ground. Im going to give them another go this year and be more patient before digging them up. I will try earthing them up this time to see if this helps. I will also try some in the shade and some in full sun and I will see what I get. Hopefully I will be lucky.

I grow jerusalem artichokes and I get a great crop of these. I like these in shepherds pie, it gives it a sort of smoky taste.

I have sown my brassicas in my new greenhouse already and fingers crossed I will get a better crop of brussel sprouts than I got last year. I planted them in a poor site on my allotment. It was a clay site which I have tried to improve but its slow going.  They were tiny plants and small sprouts.  Thats 2 years I havent had a good crop and its frustrating because I love sprouts. This time I will be more careful where I plant them, I’ve got a place in mind but it will probably all change come the time to plant them. I make all these plans then something will crop up like a friend will give me something to plant and I will use my place I have put aside for my sprouts just because its ready. I dont like leaving plants hanging around in pots Ive got to get them in the ground.

Well I better get on and feed my girls now and hopefully I will be back online soon.


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